Serbia: South Stream line in Serbia toward regional connections and cross border network to enhance Serbia position as regional gas supply hub

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Ministry of Mining collects documentation for development a spatial plan with special conditions for South Sector of South Stream together with Srbijagas and Gasprom. “It should cover Serbia’s backbone”, Minister of Resources, Milan Bacevic said.

South Sector of South Stream would be contained from direction toward Macedonia with branches to Kosovo and Metohija and direction toward Montenegro which can provide gas from Serbia’s “South Stream” this way instead of Albania like it is at the moment- Bacevic added.

Direction toward Macedonia would divide in two parts- one part toward border with Macedonia and toward KiM and division would be near Merdar or Podujevo- Minister explained. Serbia wanted to follow the road Pozega-Boljare by a long branch, which goes toward Montenegro, and to cover the whole Serbia’s space this way.

Minister stated that length of South Stream would be around two times bigger than existing sector which has already adopted spatial plan with special purposes and the special law, that announces South Stream for the project of national interest, was adopted.

Serbia would be competitive force in Europe this way because many states in region would be gas supplied over Serbia and it would highly place us with reference to other countries from Balkan’s peninsula and Central Europe- Bacevic indicated.

Serbia can use its geographic position by development of South Stream, but also of channel Danube-Morava-Vardar and transform it to its geopolitical and geostrategic advantage.

“Why don’t we materialize this advantage of ours?” Bacevic asked and added that he is an optimist and he will enter this business of South Stream development because it is good for everyone.

Bacevic could not precise how much the length of South Branch of South Stream would be because gas companies, project’s participants are in charge of it. He stressed that it is a suggestion that Russian side had already declared about and final track is not over yet.

According to former plans, Serbian Sector of South Stream is 422,4 km long and this pipeline enters Serbia from Bulgaria near Zajecar which is placed north by Hungarian border with exit near Backi Breg. Branches from Serbian territory of South Stream for Croatia and Republika Srpska, around 160 km long are also planned.

Source; Min of mining/Serbia Energy/Agencies