Serbia special report: Overhaul projects in HPPs and TPPs in Serbian Power utility company EPS

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Rehabilitation and overhauling of Unit A-3 in TPP “Nikola Tesla A”, the most significant activity, which will be realized in “TENT” Company in Obrenovac , officially begun on 1st July 2014. Very serious and large works concerning this Unit will last 180 days, by the engagement of several local and foreign companies. The total value of the project is about 80 million euros, and the funds are mutually provided by the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia” and “TENT” Company.

As it was emphasized in the announcement on the official site of this company, after finishing this project, the new Kilowatts of electricity should be produced by the Unit TENT A-3 at the end of December 2014. Besides the longer life time, increase of production reliability and energy efficiency, as well as decrease of negative impact on the environment, the “Three” (A-3), will be stronger for additional 23 MW (from current 305, to 328,4 MW) upon complete of the overhaul. In the greatest Thermal Power Plant in the Balkans, it will be the third Unit with the larger capacity, what is very important for the national electric power industry, since there are no new capacities in Serbia so far.

In the interview for the magazine “Kwh” Mr. Milan Petković, the Deputy Director of the TENT Company, explains the most significant works that are ongoing in TPP “Nikola Tesla A”.

Within the LOT-1 the works for boiler pipeline system are planned, whose value is close to 10 million euros, and also the replacement of the boiler part EKO 1 and 2, part of the super heater 3, super heater 5, MP1 with suspensions, MP2, entering and exiting chambers EKO 1 and 2, entering and exiting chambers MP1 and exiting chambers MP2.

The works on the turbine are within the LOT-2, which is the most expensive LOT, worth more than 27 million euros. The works on the generator and electro energetic plants are planned within LOT-3, where the unique action will take place – the replacement of corset generator which has been operating since 1976. Within LOT-4 the standard overhaul works are planned for all plants. The value of construction works within LOT-5 is a little more than 6 million euros. Within LOT-6 the modernization of the management system worth more than one million euros is also envisaged. LOT-7 envisages the replacement of the NOx burner in order to reduce emission of the nitrogen oxides, about 10 million euros worth. Construction of electric filter facility with the emissions below 50 milligrams per cubic meter is planned in LOT 8, while the LOT-9 will be realized at the beginning of December, when the commissioning and trial operation of the facility is planned.

The started works are performed according to planned dynamics, and for now there are no greater problems, as it was announced on the site of the TENT Company. In spite of difficulties due to floods in May (when many employees lost their houses, and the beginning of the project was moved for 1st July, instead of 1st May) the positive backdrop is created. The employees of the TENT and PRO TENT Companies and contractors encouraged by solidarity of colleagues from abroad, have gathered upon the mutual goal – finishing the rehabilitation and overhaul of Unit A-3 qualitative, in time and in the scheduled financial deadlines.

When about Thermal Power Plant and OPM “Kostolac”, the overhaul of the Unit B2 began on 18th June, a month earlier, due to breakage on the part of the generator, where the hydrogen leakage occurred. The overhaul lasted 22 days, and is used for repair of the generator and replacement of the transformers. Rehabilitation of the Unit B1 is going to last until December, and it is performed in the cooperation with the Chinese partners.

According to words of Mr. Dragan Živić, the Director of the TPP “Kostolac”, for the “Kwh” magazine, the mounting of the heating boiler parts are currently performed, and the works on the economizer, vaporizer, reheater 2 and super heater 2 are close to be finished. The works within firer are performed also on the dozers, feeders and ventilators at full tear. There are ongoing preparations of the parts on electric filter which are kept according to project. The new ground plate and the new plant, i.e. electric plant of electric filter are built.

There are about 450 workers, mostly Chinese, and about 100 our workers who work for Chinese companies “CMEK”, “Dalian”, and “Djansu”.

The public procurement for the greater works, i.e. mills for coal dust preparation, as well as the plants for nitrogen oxides reduction are finished so far. In the finishing phase are also the procurements which will regulate all works in the under-filter part and the part of the plant for ash and cinder transport. The overhaul of the mutual plants will start in this month; the mounting activities of boiler heating elements are continued, the overhaul of mills with their equipment – demounting and mounting of the firer parts have begun within the equipment for nitrogen oxides reduction. It is expected from the Chinese partners to finish all their necessary preparations, so the works for the construction of the great foundation of the future electric filter could begin immediately after the documentation submitting. All other preparations and equipment acceptance from Poland and China will follow in the next period.

Concerning the mining equipment and machinery in the OPM “Drmno”, the investment repair will be performed on the equipment part which is engaged within the coal system, while the other equipment will be overhauled in September.

There is also overhauling season in the “Drinsko-Limske HE” company. Overhaul costs for the power unit H3 and H4 in HPP “Bajina Bašta” are lower significantly, since the greatest part of the costs are covered by “Andriz Hydro”.

According to words of the Director of this company, Mr. Mijodrag Citakovic, the overhaul works in the pumped storage HPP “Bajina Basta” will be done from 21st July to 28th August, while the overhauls in the HPP “Limske HE” will be finished in November. In the HPP “Zvornik”, the overhaul will last until 2nd October, and in HPP “Elektromorava” the overhaul of all four power units will be performed during the September when the minimum of inflow is expected. All this year overhauls will be performed under own steam, by the help of the local enterprises and engagement of specialized institutes.

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