Serbia: State-owned agricultural land could be used for RES projects

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State agricultural land can be leased for the construction of solar power plants and wind farms, but also for geological research and exploitation of mineral resources and disposal of tailings, ash, slag and other dangerous and harmful substances on agricultural land. State agricultural land can be given for use to individuals or companies for a period of up to 30 years.

The Decree on the use of state-owned agricultural land for non-agricultural purposes, adopted by the Serbian Government, enables local governments to launch public tenders for the lease of land for the purpose of the construction of power plants, namely solar and wind.

The subject of use may be uncultivated state agricultural land or arable state agricultural land of the sixth, seventh and eighth cadastral class. The competent local government body will group the state-owned agricultural land planned for use into special public tender units, and the interested person or company will submit a letter of intent on the use of state land and the corresponding project. The decision on publishing a public tender for land lease is made by the competent local government body, with the consent of the Ministry of Agriculture.

The initial annual amount of the fee is equal to five times the amount of the average lease price per hectare of state agricultural land if the land is to be used for wind and solar power plants. The provision of state land for the construction of solar power plants and wind farms could, after the adoption of the new Law on Renewable Energy Sources, further encourage and accelerate the construction of power plants for the production of green energy.