Serbia: Successful production of HE “Đerdap 1” in 2013, produced three billions of kWh

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Hydro power plant “Đerdap 1” , biggest Serbian HPP company which is the part of Serbian power utility company holding, continues this year’s successful production of electric power and maximum use of favorable inflows of Danube. In that way, much before the deadline, less than five and a half months, it has been produced three million kilowatt− hours of electricity, which makes 57 per cent of the total production plan for this year.

This is one of the biggest semiannual productions of Danube giant. Compared to the same period of last year, production has increased by more than 20 percent. Particularly were “successful” June, March and January, when the Đerdap was supplying of 600 million or more kilowatt hours per month. The large inflows of Danube crossed more than 10,000 cubic meters of water per second in april, and to prevent floods in bottomland, the cotta of lake was bought down in some moments for six meters. Unfortunately, a similar situation is expected in the next few days when arrives the announced flood wave in Serbia from the upper Danube. In order to enable rapid integration or the wave flow, the lake emptying has started and in this morning also the overflow of excess water through dam.

This way Đerdap Lake will be reduced very soon to under Golubac. The level of the Danube upstream will be practically in the natural regime of high waters and “Đerdap” has no influence on them. Otherwise, there is no risk of high waters for the work of our largest hydroelectric power plants, or the coastal area upstream on the Danube to Novi Sad and on the Sava to Šabac. Systems of coastal protection, which has built and maintains by HE “Đerdap 1”, guarantee the protection from the inflows larger than 15,000 cubic meters of water per second, and these are not expected next few days.

Source;EPS/Serbia Energy