Serbia: Sum of flood damage to Power utility co EPS is not known yet

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At this point it is still unknown how much damage suffered Electric Power Industry of Serbia due to the catastrophic floods that have befallen Serbia , but the evaluation committee has been formed which will appear in the public with concrete figures in due time.

For now it is certain that it is a large amount, which can be estimated from the data that only the damage done to the Mining Basin “Kolubara” is more than 100 MEUR. Aleksandar Obradovic, EPS Acting Manager, said that due to flooding also the electricity import increased which would also enter into the full damage balance that the company suffered. Since the emergency state was declared by May 23rd EPS purchased 84.4 million kilowatt – hours out of the market Serbia, at a cost of 3.4 MEUR and preliminary estimates indicate that the acquisition of the missing amount is expected to reach five MEUR. According Obradovic words, the increased electricity imports during the flood still is within the EPS relevant business plan, but the import would be less if there was not be floods.

– Electric Power Industry of Serbia has managed to maintain the stability of the energy system in very difficult conditions of unprecedented flooding, and only the consumers in areas where due to the flood was not physically possible the plants operation did not have the electricity. This stability has been achieved thanks to an exceptional day and night engagement of all employees in EPS and TENT, who consistently worked in danger of overflowing water. EPS has made a program to help the most vulnerable workers in all companies, and priority is to raise coal production in “Kolubara” – says Obradovic.
The unit A1in the thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla” gets back in the operation, and it has been trained “lifeline” in the supply of thermal power plant “Kostolac A”, transporter UZ, which was flooded and the supply of two units in the “Kostolac A” was stabilized, who previously worked at the maximum capacity because they have enough coal at the landfill. For security, “Autotransport” carries up to 3,900 tons of coal daily by trucks. Since the flood began the mine “Drmno” in almost impossible conditions did not stop the coal production, and there was no delay in the electricity production.
The Energy expert, Vojislav Vuletic, says for Danas that although EPS has suffered major damage it should not be expected shortages and power cuts in Serbia in the future.
– I am sure that there will be enough power, although it is clear that EPS has suffered great damage, not only because the coal mines have been flooded, but also because TENT did not work for a while. When power plant does not work, especially when it comes to such a large thermal power plant, EPS suffers losses. However, production was re-established, and it can be concluded that at this time EPS and Serbian power system are completely stable and it should not be expected any problems – says our source.

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