Serbia: Teknotes to build 300MEUR HPP, electricity for exports

27. June 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Investment of 300 million EUR is between the village Obrez and Kupinovo. Turkish “Teknotes” is the investor.

Pecinci- HPP, 98 MW strong, will be constructed on Sava between Obrez and Kupinovo next to Natural Reservoir “Obedska bara”. The investors are Turkish Company “Teknotes” and Pecinci Municipality that signed memorandum for understanding. Complete investment is 300 million EUR worth.

-Pre-constructions for HPP have got under way- Sava Cojicic, municipal president, expresses his satisfaction with previous agreements with foreign investors and state. –It may look little unreal to many people that HPP occur from corn in flat Srem, but plans and projects are on the table.

Foreign investor has surprised people from Srem by his knowledge about all Sava’s possibilities that has drag in Srem in the shape of horseshoe between village Obrez and Kupinovo. Investor sees the gold mine in electricity production exactly there in Sava’s branch where Natural reservoir “Obedska bara” is placed.

-We haven’t chosen the location accidentally or in blind- Oralom Bajtok, the owner of “Teknotes” Company has confirmed to the hosts. We have examined all laws, regularities and possibilities and determined that Serbia is stable area profitable to invest in. Our plans are over and clear, we are only waiting on the answer from state and help from the municipality for realizing the project together.

“Emergency situation” is in one of the smallest of Srem’s municipalities because “the gold chicken” can’t be lost. Local administration “finishes papers” so that it can meet investor.

Unemployed are satisfied and they have hope in this job on long or short tracks. This big investment undoubtedly needs to engage many workers with different profiles which are available at labor market.

-It is not a little thing to put 150 unemployed out from the list and this number is required for getting a job in HPP- Cojcic says. –Even more meaningful is economic tractor because it is common investment.

Everything for export

According to the projects, all produced electricity in Srem would go to export in EU countries. 3% of totally achieved profit belongs to Pecinci and this is significant item in municipal cash register.

Source; Serbia Energy/Pecinci municipality

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