Serbia: TENT B1 unit back overhaul completed, back on grid on time

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Regular annual overhaul of Unit B-1 is almost completed so that its return on the grid is, according to the time schedule, expected on 7th June.
– The testing of all systems and subsystems are completed, the preparations of unit to move from the overhaul are made too, and, in that way, the conditions for its connection to the network of the power system of Serbia are created, says Goran Lukic, director of TENT B.
At the moment, as he said, its return to the network is still uncertain due to the hydrological situation, the full accumulation and thus more engagement of “HPPs.”
Lukic reminds that the overhaul activities in the unit B-1 generally took place within standard procedures, detailed examination, testing and control of vital equipment unit. The rehabilitation and repair of those parts of the plant where were problems detected during the operation in the past were carried out.
This year’s overhaul season at TENT B finishes long before beginning of summer. According to the promise of the first man of the plant, TENT B is completely ready for increasing production of electricity during the summer, especially for the upcoming winter season.