Serbia, The construction of a wind farm is planned in the area of Vranje

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The contract for the construction of the “Poljanica” wind farm in the area of ​​Vranje was signed today by the City and the Windflow company from Belgrade, which, after the construction of the wind farm, undertook to pay the City a fee of one percent of the gross revenue from the sale of electricity.

As previously announced, the residents of Vranje are planning the construction of wind parks on the slopes and tops of the hills Grot, Oblik, Ravnjak, Gola čuka, Drenjak, Baltina čuka, Belanovački preslap, Gradište and Đuranica, and the Agreement on business and technical cooperation on the realization of the project is the second phase of the wind power plant. Grotto and Shape”.

This contract envisages the construction of a wind farm “Poljanica” with a nominal capacity of 100 MW in the area of ​​the city of Vranje. The project includes the territories of the cadastral municipalities of Trstena, Roždace, Dobrejance and Stance – according to the City.

The City of Vranje is contractually obligated to provide logistical support during the preparation of planning and technical documentation.

Let’s remind you, according to what is written in the study for early public inspection, the wind park will occupy an area of ​​about 486 hectares, Južne Vesti reports.

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