Serbia, The construction of the new unit of the thermal power station Kostolac B is in the final phase

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The construction of the new block of the thermal power plant Kostolac B is in the final stage, and it is expected that from September next year it will enable the stability of the power system by providing between 2.2 and 2.5 terawatt hours of electricity, said Tanjug, the manager of the portfolio of key investments of EPS, today Željko Lazović.

Presenting the new Kostolac B block, Lazović pointed out at the Energy Fair in Belgrade that this investment by Elektroprivreda Srbije is currently in the final phase of realization.

“The design and obtaining of all permits have been completed. Over 85 percent of the equipment is on site, and we hope that in the next month to a month and a half we will have over 98 percent of the equipment received on site, which means that it is ready for installation”, he said.

He added that the focus is currently on performing work on all 14 systems.

“The most important system is the main drive facility, with the turbine and the generator, and the work there is progressing well. The turbine is in place and assembly has begun, the generator is in place and in 15-20 days, its assembly and connection will begin”, he said.

Lazović says that by November 15 or 20, the connection for powering the transformer of the general group is expected.

“This means that we will have power supply to part of the plant within the power plant, which is a prerequisite for starting the commissioning, i.e. accepting the works,” he explained.

He adds that all efforts are now focused on the production of the boiler in order to meet the deadlines, and he announces the hydrotest of the boiler for March next year.

“We have started preparations for the next phase, which is extremely important to us, which is the commissioning of the building. We have started preparing all the paperwork and necessary documentation for this segment”, said Lazović.

He expects the preparation of documentation to be completed by the end of the year and announces that the systems for chemical preparation of water, the pumping plant, the fuel oil plant and probably the chimney will be received first.

The new unit of Kostolac B has a power of 350 megawatts with a net efficiency of 37.3 percent.

“The block meets all legally defined standards from the point of view of environmental protection. The level of sulfur dioxide particles will be lowered to 150 milligrams per cubic meter of air, nitrogen oxides will be lowered to 200 milligrams per cubic meter, dust particles – fly ash will be lowered to 10 milligrams per cubic meter”, he specifies.

Coal for the new unit was provided by increasing production from nine to 12 million tons.

“This is provided through more intensive coal mining and not by increasing the dimensions of the coal mine. More than a year ago, an excavator, a conveyor and a dumper for an additional tailings system were built. We should not have problems with coal for the new block,” said Lazović.

When the new capacity is established in September 2023, it will be stabilized with the power system covering 5-7 percent of the production portfolio, reports RTV.