Serbia: The construction of wind power plants, from idea to kWh

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With the development of society, the demand for electricity increases; for that reason, also increases the need for production. On the other hand, there are more stringent requirements for the environment protection, where renewable energy sources are preferred.

In Serbia more attention is paid to the plant construction with the use of renewable energy sources.

A single wind power plant was not built in Serbia until the beginning of 2014th. The reason for this is the absence of a careful problem study by the authorities, and the lack of regulations harmonization in various sectors of the state institutions, and sometimes the waiver of responsibility and accountability. In order to encourage investors to invest in new, renewable sources of electricity, we need proper stimulations through kWh cost of generated electricity. Republic of Serbia, as a member of the Energy Community of South East Europe, committed to the directive implementation which promotes the electricity production from renewable energy sources. The ultimate goal to pursue is the participation of renewable energy sources with 20% by 2020th.

To encourage the production of renewable energy Serbia has adopted a number of provisions that regulate this area, but regardless of introduced incentives and despite the great potential, there was not enough investment in the previous years in Serbia. The reason for this is that, according to the authors, there was no satisfactory legal framework, clear procedures, as well as security for investors.

In addition to legislation for the construction of wind power plants, also have been analyzed criteria for site selection, explained the process of plant building and commissioning, environmental impact, equipment selection, and economic aspects of investing in the construction of wind power plants.

Although Serbia has taken a big step towards approximation to EU norms by enactment of laws and regulations in the energy sector, there is still an inefficient and unplanned use of natural resources.

The construction of an increasing number of wind power plants also would decrease the cost of their construction, which would result in cost reducing of energy production in these plants. In this way, wind energy will become competitive to traditional fossil fuels. It should also bear in mind that the energy cost from thermal and nuclear power plants will grow in relation to wind energy, on the one hand, and on the other hand, the price of wind power plants will decline, which reflects the perspective of electricity production from wind power.

Source; Serbia Energy