Serbia: The government will control the electricity import

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The vice president of the government of Serbia, Mrs. Zorana Mihajlović said that the priority for EPS was to deal with pumping the water out of the open pit mines and that the government would control the planned electricity import.

Mrs. Mihajlović pointed out that the Government would monitor EPS when importing electricity, having in mind it is state money. “We have to do a lot of things to take the water out of the mines, because the longer we wait to pump the water out, the longer Serbia will have to import electricity”, said Mrs. Mihajlović.

She emphasized that this bad weather, i.e. this flood affecting Serbia could not be foreseen, therefore we have to import electricity, but it is very important to make the power system stable again in order to import less electricity .

“I sincerely hope the plan predictions that EPS gives will be correct and that we will have the floods issue solved by the start of the next year”, said Mrs. Mihajlović. According to her opinion, there are other predictions saying we will need a bit more time therefore.

In any case, EPS is to deal with the water pumping out and it is a priority”, emphasized the vide-president of the Government.

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