Serbia: The last minutes of state owned power utility EPS monopoly says EPS CEO Aleksandar Obradovic

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The last minutes of monopoly position which enjoys in the Serbian market are ticking for EPS state owned power utility, said the director of EPS Aleksandar Obradovic.

By the end of the year EPS will be required to enter the final, third round of liberalization, said Obradovic at the opening of the International Fair of Environmental Protection and Energy Fair and explained that it meant that every household and every citizen would be able to choose its electricity supplier from January 1st.

“It is a big challenge for us and I am convinced that we will be up to the task as in the first and second liberalizationround ” he said, adding that EPS has managed to hold a dominant position in the market after two rounds and to retain 97 percent of the market.

Noting that it is no longer enough, Obradovic said that the Serbian Government required EPS to be more efficient and more profitable company, and to pay a part of the profits into the budget. Therefore, EPS, as he added, would enter the reforms more decisively.

Obradovic hopes that a new program of the companyreorganizationwill appearin the next month, when, as he said, will be much clear how EPS should be reorganized and reformed, and it will be also adopted and a new package of association agreements.

According to him, the coming period will be very interesting, and EPS will go into more reforms.

“Our goal will be not only to reduce costs and increase profits, but we will do everything to make our energy as greener as possible and to help the obligations that Serbia has on its way to the EU – which is the environment protection, as well as fulfilling other obligations arising from the Energy Agreement”, said the first man of EPS.