Serbia, The Supervisory Board of Srbijagas adopted the financial statements for 2022

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The Supervisory Board of the Public Enterprise Srbijagas adopted the company’s regular financial reports for the past year, the balance sheet and the profit and loss account by activity, as well as the report on the implementation of the annual Business Program of the Public Enterprise Srbijagas, which showed good results.

The President of the Supervisory Board, Muamer Redžović, praised the efforts and activities of all employees and management for achieving good results in a very difficult year, with record gas prices on the market and a year of great uncertainty in supply.

Nevertheless, as he pointed out, the company fulfilled all its tasks and managed to respond to the increased demands and demand of investors for natural gas, which is the result of the fact that the state of Serbia has created such an economic climate and conditions in which the arrival of an increasing number of foreign companies, which seek to have gas as an energy source with great advantages in our industrial zones.

The reports were adopted at the session on February 23, Srbijagas announced.

At the session, which was chaired by the chairman of the Supervisory Board Redžović, it was said that in the past year, as a result of all the business activities of the management, the Supervisory Board and all employees, the company achieved positive trends in most of the basic financial indicators of the business and reported a business and net profit.

The operations of Srbijagas were marked by activities on the safe supply of natural gas to the market, as well as on strategic investment projects, adaptation of operations to the conditions of record growth in gas prices in Europe and the world, as well as continued efforts aimed at improving all parameters of operations.

The total supply of natural gas increased in 2022 compared to the previous year, which was primarily due to the fact that during the reporting period, gas was pumped into PSG Banatski Dvor, and for the first time, additional supplies were provided in warehouses in Hungary, in continuous cooperation with the Government of Serbia, competent ministries and all relevant institutions.

During the presentation of these final annual business and financial reports to the members of the Supervisory Board, it was said that in 2022, after a number of years, there was a change in the regulated sales prices of natural gas in the public supply sector, and the new sales prices were applied from August 1.

It was also pointed out that the Government of Serbia, as a measure to mitigate the consequences and negative effects of the energy crisis on the customer’s budget, enacted decrees on the temporary measure of limiting the price of gas and compensation for price differences in the event of market disturbances, as well as the fact that during the last year, The government also adopted the Decree on the conditions of delivery and supply of natural gas, which changed the reference conditions for measuring and calculating that energy source as of October 1, in the sense that instead of the standard cubic meter, the kilowatt hour was introduced.

The adopted documents also state that in 2022, the construction of energy facilities and connecting gas pipelines continued throughout Serbia, and the largest investments were made in the Aleksandrovac-Tutin, Belgrade-Valjevo-Loznica gas pipelines and the gasification of Zemun, Sremska Mitrovica, Zrenjanin and other cities.

In this regard, it was said that the investments in the activities of the Distribution System Operator are significantly higher compared to the previous year, 2021.

Bearing in mind the specific economic and political conditions that are still present, and above all, the uncertainty in the energy sector in Europe and the world, Public Company “Srbijagas” will continue maximum activities in the coming period in order to ensure safety and complete supply of the market with natural gas, under optimal possible conditions and with cooperation with the ministries and the founder, the Government of Serbia, stated Srbijagas.

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