Serbia: Thermal power plants overhauls and modernization cycle, the report 2014

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The overhaul activities are crucial in order to achieve a normal electricity production process, especially during the winter period and in time when the electricity production is in jeopardy after the May floods. Power system of Serbia is the largest in the region and about 64% of electricity is produced from lignite of “Kolubara“and “Kostolac“.

In TPP “Kostolac”, works on the first recovery phase are still in progress, while the beginning of the second phase is expected at the end of the year.

The Overhauls in TPP “Kostolac A” are completed, while the power unit B1 in TPP “Kostolac B” is in the final stage. In the first phase, which started in late February of this year, the recovery of power unit B1 was envisaged, and it was planned that the works lasted until 30 th November of this year. Over 1000 workers were engaged, out of which 60 % are Chinese and the project value amounts to 112 million euros. The first phase, among other things, includes the desulphurization of flue gases, and when the recovery is completed it is expected that the power unit B1 of TPP “Kostolac“ will operate in accordance with all the environmental standards prescribed by the European Union.

Emission of harmful gases will be reduced by the recovery of this power unit which will contribute to the reduction of environmental protection. A turbine has been delivered from “Alstom“and preparation for its assembly is in progress. Chinese partners are engaged for the boiler plant. “Feromont“, “Hitachi “and “Minel kotlogradnja“are the construction companies for the mill modernization.

Second phase of the recovery of this thermal power plant will start at the end of the year and it will include the construction of the new power unit of TPP “ Kostolac“ , as well as the capacity expansion of the open pit mine “Drmno” to 12 million tons of coal per year.

Let us recall, the overhaul of the power unit A1 started in July of this year and it included the complete opening of the turbine and flow part, works on cooling pumps, reinforcement and other auxiliary devices. Works were performed by the company “Feromont”from Pančevo together with the subcontractors.

The Overhaul of the power unit A2 began in September of this year and as it was announced, from 1st December all four power units of Kostolac thermal power plant will be in operation again.

First and the oldest power unit  in TPP “Nikola Tesla A”, after a quality completion of capital overhaul which lasted 100 days, on October 24th, was successfully synchronized to the power system network.

In addition to the very extensive procedures, primarily capital on the turbine facility, as well as in other parts of the plant of the power unit A1, which, during decades of work (44 years), have been on the network more than 280 thousand hours, the assessment project of remaining life of the turbine has been made. Supervision and delivery of spare parts for the turbine, as well as the estimates of life have been entrusted to “Alstom” – Croatia.

In TPPNT A, in addition to the current recovery of the unit A3, which will be completed by the end of the year, the remaining generators A1, A2, A4, A5 and A6, after quality and on time carried out this year’s overhauls, are in a stable and exploitation work.

In the past three months on the unit A3 all anticipated dismantling operations were carried out, preparations for equipment assembly were done and assembly works on new positions have been performed well under way. The large number of national companies are included in the overhaul.

According to the announcements, capital overhaul of the unit A3 will last until 28th December, when the first synchronization of this unit on the network is planned. The set goals of the preliminary and main project were achieved by its recovery – reliability of the unit, its power, availability and energy efficiency were increased.  In addition, negative impact on the environment will be reduced. The value of the recovery amounts to 80 million euros, and the funds were provided by PE EPS and the Company TPPNT. In addition to the extension of working life,  reliability improvement and energy efficiency in work and reduction of the negative impact on the environment, this “troika” will come out of the overhaul stronger for an additional 23 MW (from the current 305 to 328.4 MW). In the largest thermal power plant in the Balkans it will be the third block with increased power, which is essential for the local electric power industry.

The Overhaul of TPP “Morava”, worth 222 million RSD, was performed during August and September. Beside the overhaul, the necessary tests were carried out  in order to overview the needs for the capital overhaul which was announced for the next year, when electro filters will be placed, which are the EU donation 5 million euros worth.

In order to implement two European directives on large combustion plants and industrial emissions LCPD and IED, on the new power plants and those that will be recovered, systems for desulphurization, denitrification of exhaust gases and high efficiency, electrostatic filters must be integrated.

Desulfurization in TPPNT “A” is the most important project of EPS, the value of which amounts to 170 million euros, while the completion deadline is the end of 2017. Funds were provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency JICA. First phase of the project includes the construction of desulphurization plant for the units A3 and A4, and the second phase for the units A5 and A6.

The completion deadline for the desulfurization of TPPNT “B” is 2019 and the preparation of tender documents is in progress. Estimated cost of the project is 160 million euros. Desulfurization in TPP “Kostolac” will be performed within the Chinese loan. The investment is about 96 million euros, and completion is expected in late 2015.