Serbia to open six more mines, stone coal and lignite

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Public Company “Podzemna eksploatacija uglja” is being prepared for opening of underground high-quality lignite site next to Cirikovac, near Kostolac.

This investment is 50 million EUR worth, at least- Vladan Milosevic, Managing Director of PC PEU confirmed.

“When we open this mine, 1,5 million tons of coal will be produced her which is more that complete PC PEU produces at the moment”.

Milosevic underlines that geological research is in progress on several locations in Serbia. This research gives us hope that several more mines will be opened.

“We submitted elaborate to Ministry of Mining for additional research on the place called “Ilino brdo” where mines that had been exploited until 1968 were found”, Milosevic continues.

“There are indications that significant reservoirs of stone coal, with high calorific value, are found there. If results prove profitability, investment for opening of this site will be around 20 million EUR”.

Ivan Vukovic, Technical Director in PC PEU says that “Cerje” near Despotovac, “Melnica” between Petrovac na Mlavi and Kucevo, “Poljana” near Pozarevac and “Bajovac, not far from Kraljevo are very interesting locations, but he also stresses that geological research must prove profitability of these sites.

Source Serbia Energy/Novosti