Serbia to spend 40 million Euros for gas and electricity subsidies for social charted households

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Minister of Energy Zorana Mihajlović announced that electricity price increase will happen just one more time this year.

Mihajlovic stated that 30 to 40 millon Euros are required for energy care i.e. free electricity for socially endangered citizens this year.

“More than 500million Euros are stolen within public supplies every year and energy care for socially endangered citizens requires between 30 and 40 million Euros. I strongly believe that we will made deal in government about that money and see if it is going to be insured with rebalance of the budget, but I’m not supporter of rebalance”, Zorana Mihajlović said.

She stated that goal is subsidization of electricity and gas bills for socially endangered citizens. Elektroprivreda Srbije and Srbijagas should do their business, and government should lead social politics.

Minister of Energy and Vice President of SNS announced that new, more rightful tariff system should be finished until the end of January.

“Cheap electricity price will increase, but system will be more rightful because those who heat their pools using electricity will be very burdened” and those who consume a little will pay lower price” said Mihajlović.

She confirmed that electricity price increase will hit middle class too, and added that Ministry of Energy plans Energy Efficiency Fond establishment and adopting the law about energy efficiency.

Money from the fond will be used for windows isolation and education of citizens about energy efficiency’s significance.

When she was asked if she knew how many windows there are in Serbia and if estimations about it were done, she answered that windows are not the only problem, doors are problem also and energy efficiency law’s scheme is in public discussion, so everyone can give opinion about it and propose solution.

She stated that use of energy efficient technologies in industry can save 20 to 30% of electricity and the need for electricity import would disappear.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine