Serbia: TPP Kostolac, 112MUSD overhaul starts

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Revitalization works of thermal power unit B1in TPP “Kostolac” starts and will last until 30th November. Repair costs 112 million dollars, and after completion the unit will have power of 350 MW.

In the Subsidiary “Thermal Power Plants and Mines of Kostolac” today begin works on the revitalization of thermal power unit B1, which will last until 30th November. Upon work completion, this unit will have a power of 350 MW, as well as a renewed unitB2, which now delivers 8.5 million kilowatt-hours of electricity per day to the Serbian power system.

Overhaul of unitB1, which will cost 112 million dollars, is being implemented in the first phase of the credit arrangement which Serbia signed with the Republic of China. The first phase of this arrangement also includes the installation of desulphurization system, raising the port on the Danube and industrial railway construction.

Source; Serbia Energy

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