Serbia: TPP Kostolac 1Q2015 electricity production report

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Thermal power plants in Kostolac have produced and delivered to the system over two billion kilowatt – hours of electricity in the past four months, which is at the level of the plan for this period of the year. Production would have been greater if it had not been the suppression of the units on technical minimum due to favorable hydrology from the beginning of the year, but the failure on installations which have been removed successfully.

Units in Thermal power plant “Kostolac A” have produced a total of 695,000 MWh and it is one percent more than planned, while the units in TPP “Kostolac B” produced 1,371,000 MWh, which is also at the level of the plan.

– Since the beginning of the year until the end of April, said Zoran Stanojevic, director of the Directorate for electricity production, there was only one jam at unit A1, while on unit A2 were recorded only two delays, indicating that maintenance is good and above all, adequate , planned. This resulted in minimal intermittent in electricity production process. It should be noted that the units in TPP “Kostolac A” are prosperous with nominal parameters and maximum number of working hours. At unit A1, with power of 90 MW, recorded production of 229,000 MWh in the first quarter of this year, which expressed as a percentage is 101 percent of the plan. Planned production at the unit A2 in the first quarter of the year was around 466,000 MWh, or 101 percent of the plan for this period, said Stanojevic.

– The beginning of the year in the thermal power plant “Kostolac B” was marked by final preparation of unit B1 after months of revitalization, says Zoran Stanojevic, whose goal was reaching the designed strength. Revitalization of unit B1 allowed that this thermal power capacity in the current operation meets the environmental parameters, which are required by the legal provisions in our country. After completion of the warranty tests, the optimization of unit B1 is next, which will allow the electricity production of 350 MW, while the thermal power plant “Kostolac B” begins to fully use its projected output of 700 megawatts. Since the beginning of the year there have been produced 577,000 MWh in this unit, which is within the plan, and in the unit B2 is produced 794,000 MWh, and this unit has operated very well, said Stanojevic.