Serbia: TPP “Kostolac A”, Capital repair of unitA1

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Capital repair of unit A1 of Kostolac thermal power plants is of great importance for the overall operation of Subsidiary TPP “Kostolac”. Otherwise, unit A1 was stopped on July 18th, and then the preparatory work for major overhaul has started, which should be completed in September. Production effect of unit A1 from the beginning of the year is very good, if one takes into account the fact that the planned production plan was exceeded by 10 percent. The unit A1 has delivered 386,828 MWh of electricity to the power system of our country from the beginning of the year.

Due to the floods in May this year, the technical reliability of thermal facilities must be at the highest level, because we expected the winter period during which all EPS capacities will not work. Upon completion of repair, unit A1 will be ready for operation, said lead engineer for maintenance of turbo generator facility, Dusan Grubetic:

-This year, we will do major turbine overhaul in unit A1, which includes the full opening of the turbine and the flow part. We also have work on the cooling pumps, repair of valves and other auxiliary equipment, filters, coolers, tanks. On the turbine is engaged “Feromont” with subcontractors “Energoremont Gacko”, and our employees work together with the companies PRIM and “Kosovo Obilic” at the valve and auxiliary devices. Turbines did not cause any major problems in the past, particularly in unit A1 we had three stops during the year and the turbine operation was quite reliable, but now is the time for the repair because the regulations require so.

Repairs in TPP “Kostolac A” have a particularly important role in the socio – responsible business of Kostolac energy complex. Units of this thermal facility provide heating of Pozarevac, Kostolac, Stari Kostolac, Drmno and Klenovnik.