Serbia: TPP Kostolac B overhaul 2015 works

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For annual overhaul of unit B2 in TPP “Kostolac B” the plan is that works are completed by 17 August, after which the grid connection is expected.

On turbine plant works will include a standard overhaul activities on the turbine and generator. Non-standard activities will be replacement of low pressure heaters No.3. Most of the funds will be spent for the boiler plant, thread profile, overhauling mills, fan, slag remover and partly for the repair of common units-says Dragan Zivic, Director of TPP B ’’Kostolac’’.

Through standard overhaul activities works include the replacement of the damaged walling on the boiler.Also overhaul of electrostatic devices ,conditioning of heavy oil plant, and the greatest emphasis is on standard and non-standard jobs, system for the transport of ash and slag.In parallel with this year’s plan TPP B staff is projecting the overhaul activities for 2016 and 2017.

For the overhaul of Unit B2 budget is 3.1MEUR. , transmits

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