Serbia: TPP Kostolac B1 unit overhaul, China CMEC project status

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TPP Kostolac B major overhaul with China CMEC company, financed by Chinese government soft loan already is progressing well according to the TPP Kostolac management. China CMEC is definitely gaining its first European reference in power generation area.

The activities for revitalization of the block B1 are organized into three sections, but this block in order to be connected to the thermal energy grid, as it should be according to the plan, in early December of this year, it is necessary carefully monitoring the plan and the good coordination of all participants in this complex technical project, Director for the electricity production in “Thermal Power Plants and Open-Pit Mines Kostolac” Zoran Stanojevic said :

– Managing the work environment on the revitalization of the block B1 is monitoring in three units. One unit consists of the activities of international credit arrangements with Chinese partners that are within the competence of the corporation “CMEC “. The second group of jobs on revitalization of the block B2 are the segments, which is also financed by international credit arrangements and their realization belongs to our company, companies “Thermal Power Plants and Open-Pit Mines Kostolac”. The third unit operations are not funded from international credit arrangements with Chinese partners, but also from the company’s own resources. All three parts are equally important, so that, on December 1st, for launching the operation of the Block 1, it is necessary all three areas of activities must have been completed. At the end of this month, it is expected to be completed procurement procedure for the reduction of nitrogen oxides. In the meantime, when the analysis was done on the necessary elements for revitalization, emerged as a critical a heating element in the block B1, so we started the procurement for this part of the power plant which will be financed from our own funds. Also, it is important to mention the reconstruction of the mills, as well as the procurement of engaging the services of specialized companies for providing the quality control of the works on the block B1.

Considering the total number of engaged people in jobs on revitalization, the most of them will active during the summer months, said Zoran Stanojevic:-In September, I expect completion of certain tasks and putting into operation certain devices, so in the following month, in October, has preparation finalized. Last month is November, for works on the revitalization of the block B1 when follows individual testing devices to large-scale intervention, which are the final step, such as a hydraulic probe boiler, boiler piping system, dry lining, pipe cleaning system to keep all dirt were thrown and at the end follows blowing. The next stage is putting into operation and synchronization of block B2.

Delegation of “Thermal Power Plants and Open-Pit Mines Kostolac” was recently in China, to conduct control of making hot steam line, marked by RB. It is a pipeline that has embraced the revitalization of blocks B1, but where is being replaced only a high pressure steam line RB, while the fresh steam line RA, steam line cold vapor RC and piping of feed water RR is to be reconstructed in order to enable proper operation of the plant and start the whole piping system:

– This month, our expert team has visited factory “Bohai” in China, which is operating on welding, bending and merging high pressure line. It is about pipes with a large diameter, made of special materials. The”Bohai” is working and heat treatment, all which makes the finalization of the steam line before delivery to our company. Our delegation inspected the equipment and documents, then we agreed conclusions on the next steps that should be taken, said the director Stanojevic.

Director of the “Thermal Power Plant Kostolac B” , Dragan Zivic was in the delegation visiting the company “Bohai” in China:

“We have done control of parameters RB pipe lines in the very factory, then we visited and drive in which are assembled parts of our pipeline. Two days ago we did an overview of the equipment that was in the factory, and one of the basic elements of the pipeline, or Y pieces, arrived from Italy. By visiting the factory, we realized that the “Bohai” has all the necessary facilities for the development of the pipeline. This is a company that works for a large part of the world, they often works in power plants and have a lot of material on stock, as well as adequate machinery and everything necessary for a complete production process, starting with the fabrication of the pipe to the creation of the whole parts.

Source; Serbia Energy

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