Serbia TPP Kostolac cooperation with “Vattenfall” ,technical services on mining activities

2. April 2013. / Mining

The main goal- to improve the performance and efficiency of surface mining of coal.
For every field and envisaged measure a person in charged is appointed for implementing the plan and observing the deadlines.

Until now, the activities under  the project “Technical and management consulting services and transfer of operative experience on improving the performance and efficiency of mining activities under delivery of coal by the company ТPP-KO “Kostolac“, which has been realized in cooperation  with the German company “Vattenfall “, have been presented  in the EPS Department for Strategy and Investment .The representatives of the companies ” ТPP-КО “Kostolac“, MB ” Kolubara”,  EPS Department for electricity generation, as well as professors of the Faculty of Mining, Geology and Mining Institute experts, have been presented the project details.

Dragan Jovanović, director of TPP-KO Kostolac”, emphasized that the realization of the project together with the German “Vattenfall” started in 2011 and that the work is divided in several phases. According to him, in first two phases that are finished, they were working on collection of  data, document preparations, comparing and making comparative analysis concerning functioning and operational experiences.

– Based on the activities performed so far, a comprehensive action plan of measures and activities has been made, that is now in the implementation phase, in order to improve all the operative performances , raise the efficiency of work and reduce the operative costs – said Jovanović.

Mr. Urlich Hona, the Project manager of the company “ Vattenfall”, emphasized that this is a very complex, specific and unique project, which main goal is to improve the performances and efficiency of the surface mining of coal in OPM “Drmno”, that operates within EPS.

– The idea was that to compare the OPM “Drmno” with a similar OPM in Germany and  to transfer some experiences to “Drmno”– said Hona. – It is very important that the employees believe in constant production improvements during the implementing phase of the project.

Mr. Goran Horvat, the project coordinator in the company TPP- KO ”Kostolac”, estimated that this is the right way to achieve  the cost – effective supply of  basic operational resources for power production, both for TPP- KO ”Kostolac” and EPS, as well as for Serbia. According to him, in terms of electricity market liberalization, we must adapt to the market conditions and the European practice. It can be accomplished only by implementing the best practice and moving from the quantitative to quality growth.

– In the first phase of the project, “Vattenfall Europe Mining AG “ has done a detailed analysis of the current business operation of  TPP- KO” Kostolac” .  All data related to the operations of mining machines, time and capacity utilization, drainage, organization of the work process, equipment, staff efficiency, operation downtime and management, have been collected – explained Horvat.

– OPM “Drmnо“ was compared to the OPM “Jaenschwalde“ owned by “Vattenfall”, which is located near the town of Cottbus. A comparative analysis performed was complex  and it is not limited only  to individual indicators like performance or  availability , but it also includes the comparison of operational practises. That analysis doesn’t include only OMP’s operations and management of OPM, but also basic planning activities, technical and spacial planning in OPM “Drmno“. Two visits of the OPM “Drmno“ representatives to the OPM in Germany have been organized.

As Horvat said, the finished report would be used as an initial state and point  for starting, assessing, evaluating, determining and applying of the program for improvement of operations in  OMP “Drmno“ , in order to achieve a real improvement of  efficiency and performance growth. In the second phase, a study has been done in which the goals of advancement and improvement of the operational and business  parameters of TPP- OMP ”Kostolac”. It was followed by creation of an action plan in a form of a set of measurements and activities that should be implemented in order to improve the production. The procedures and measurements that should be taken are defined by the action plan. For every field and envisaged measure, a person in charge of implementation and realization deadline was appointed.

– This is the most difficult phase of the project, because the realization depends on many factors, especially on the amount of investment funds that are necessary – said Horvat. – In the course of the year, the  measures agreed under  the Action plan  are going to be implemented, and these are going to be periodically analyzed by the “Vattenfall” staff. It is important to understand the essence of this Project, as it is based on the principle of the constant improvement and setting new goals.

Change of thinking

Mr. Peter Laux, deputy Project manager in the name of “Vattenfall”, has been discussing technical aspects of the Project and parallel analyses, as well as the measures of the action plan. He pointed out that all the activities that are in the phase of implementation should start with OHS. He also stressed that change in thinking and attitude towards the planning, work and obligations of all the employees that take part in the coal production process in the OPM “Drmno”, are necessary.

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