Serbia: TPP Kostolac, Overhaul and comprehensive revitalization of unit B1, the project report

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The revitalization of the entire system will be done in the unit B1 of Kostolac thermal power plants over the next nine months, and in its implementation will participate the following companies and enterprises: Chinese company CMEC, Dalian, Jiangsui, with subcontractors Termservis and KSB Germany, as well as companies from Serbia Dekotra, Feromont, Termopord, Termooprema, Minel, Izoprogres, Termika, and MDGradnja. Polish Alstom is also part of the contracting group.

Serbian companies that Subsidiary “TE – KO Kostolac” hired are Energoprojekt, BET Engineering, Institute Mihajlo Pupin, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Feromont, PRIM and Polish company Alstom. Close to a thousand workers of mentioned companies will work on revitalization in the next nine months. The most important tasks that will follow, according to Dragan Zivic, director of TPP “Kostolac B” are: -Repair of turbo generated plant: replacing the outer casing, and replacing of ZNPZ and ZVP 6, mounting the blades on both cylinders, the modernization of the inner turbine casing, reconstruction of the condenser and pump of crude cooling water, the modernization of hydraulic turbine control systems, says Dragan Zivic. Repair of generators and three new generating stations, general overhaul of VOITH coupling of feed pumps which will be done in Germany, the modernization of the lubricating oil cooler and working oil cooler for VOITH couplings, general overhaul and procurement of a new generating circuit breaker.

When it comes to repair of the boiler plant, it is planned replacement of the following heating surfaces of the boiler piping system: ECO –acca 570 t, boiler vaporizer, cca1050, wall boiler superheater – P1, cca 80k, MP2 cca 130 t and MP1, RB lines. Then will be done the major capital overhaul of the mills with the reconstruction of the mill stator, separator and impellers; reconstruction of slag remover and post combustion grate , major overhaul of VSV, VDG and VHDG , making new EF with dust removal up to 30 mg/Nm3 , substitution of mixture channel and new burners for NOx . All this is done in unit B2, so that there is no change, continues Dragan Zivic. As for the other tasks I have to emphasize that it will be done the system adaptation for ash and slag transport( crusher and air transport), construction of the facility with the chimney for flue gas desulphurization , and capital repair of the transformer of unit 1AT ( or to supply new ) own consumption 1BT , excitation 1AJT and OBT , substations modernization of 0.4 kV and the analyzers acquisition and installation (NOx, O2 , CO , CO2) of flue gases exiting the boiler at B1 , emphasizes Zivic.

Formed teams to monitor the implementation
With EPS Director’s decision were formed teams to monitor the agreement implementation, modernization of unit B1 and facility construction for flue gas desulphurization whose members also are Nebojsa Misic, manager of the first phase of the project, Dragan Zivic, manager of the realization of unit B1 modernization and Zoran Stanojevic, manager of facility construction for flue gas desulphurization.

Sub-teams are mainly composed of employees in production and maintenance sector, who will with maximum engagement in addition to daily tasks contribute to the successful implementation of the overhaul, starting of unit B1 and achieving a given goal, and that is the strength of the unit B1 of 350 MW.

Source; Serbia Energy

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