Serbia: TPP Kostolac, rehabilitation of the Unit B1 with CMEC China

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The quality of the performed overhaul of the Unit B2 is very satisfactory. The substation received from TPP Kolubara facilitated the Unit B2 operating in full capacity

The Unit B2 has been connected to the electric power system of Serbia since July 13th, when it was synchronized at 19h. Upon reaching full power, in the last ten days it has been working steady with maximum power, without interruption in operation and delays due to pipeline system damage which used to be an issue in the previous years. As pointed out by Mr.Dragan Živić, the Director of the TPP Kostolac B, it confirms the quality of the overhaul performed on this thermal plant.

-The Unit B2 is now reliable system, and only high temperature of the cooling water has a minor influence on the operation at maximum power – says Mr.Živić. – It is common that after an overhaul we monitor all parameters. The preparation for guarantee tests are underway, being postponed for the period after the overhaul because we started the overhaul earlier than planned and we did not have time to do the tests prior to the standstill of the Unit, i.e.  the boiler. All ancillary facilities are in operation, there are no problems with the production of demineralized water, ash and slag transport, so that as far as the Unit B2 is concerned we expect maximum production. The substation dispatched from TPP Kolubara facilitated the Unit b2 operating in full capacity. What we expected is what we got, all is operating smoothly, without a hiccup.  We monitor parameters of the substation operation and it could be said that this substation contributed to the maximum production of the Unit B2.

Major activities have been carried out for the rehabilitation of the B1, one of the projects of the First stage of the international loan with the Chinese corporation “CMEC“.

– In the recent days, the number of contractors and companies performing the works has increased, since the Unit commencement preparations finishing cycle begins, i.e. the finishing assemblies and preparations for separate tests  -explained Mr. Živić. – the Chinese partners have engaged a German company to be in charge of the acid wash and blowing, so that the construction site of TPP Kostolac B is quite an active place.

At the boiler facility, around 74 % of the job has been performed. About 96% of planned procurements for this year have been implemented and the conditions have been made for the introduction of the company Siemens and Feromont for the rehabilitation of the Unit B1.
This means that all that was planned is being realized. It refers to the mills’ overhaul, deslaging system overhaul and for the first time in Electric Power Industry of Serbia, the nitrogen oxides reduction parts of the boiler facility have been installed. The job is done together with Siemens Company and consortium partners.

As for the electric filter facility, 63% were done in total. According to Mr. Živić, a huge concreting of the slab beneath the electric filter has been done, so the condition are made for the swift assembly of the mechanical components of the electric filter. The turbo-generator assembly works are in progress on as well, the turbine components are being prepared and monitored for the other parts in the mechanical workshop.

– We have been working on the components assembly, such as sealing oil station and hydrogen stations, the condenser works are  also being carried out, so that everything  envisaged by the Gantt chart, has been going on according to the plan – explained Mr. Živić. – We had several tests recently, especially for the equipment acceptance from Poland for turbo generator. These tests were being taken care of our engineers, but also the professors of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.