Serbia: TPP Morava does not work, there is no coal

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Due to the lack of coal and boiler beds repair, TPP “Morava” in Svilajnac does not produce electricity for seven days, says director Marija Stevanovic.

Director of the thermal power plant “Morava” explains that the work is suspended because the coal supply from Kolubara open pit mine has been stopped due to flooding.

“From the last Wednesday we are at a standstill, because we had to clean the pipe system of the boiler bed, but also because we do not have coal, at least not one of good quality”, said director Marija Stevanovic for Beta.
Stevanovic says that preparations for the coal delivery from Kostolac and Kovin are underway, and expects that production will be continued in the next few days.

“We have initiated the procurement process and we hope that under urgent procedure it will be completed in the next few days “, said Stevanovic.
As she says, the thermal power plants will take 250,000 tons of coal from Kostolac and another 50,000 tons of Kovin by the end of the year, which will ensure the normal operation of power plants.

Stevanovic said that the coal from Kostolac initially would be transported by truck, and rail transport would be organized as soon as the railway line near Pozarevac and Kostolac would be reconstructed.

“It would be cheaper to transport the coal by rail transport and we will do everything we can to quickly enable railroads”, said director of TPP “Morava”