Serbia: TPP Nikola Tesla expects 46MEUR from KfW bank for TENT A de-ashing system project

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At the end of last week, the representatives of the Faculty of Mining from Belgrade gave a presentation on the Project of new TENT A deashing system.

At the presentation, it was stressed that the project envisaged a combination of desulphurization and deashing technologies, and it was planned that gypsum, slag and ash should be dumped at the dump sites together. It was said that around 20 million euros would be saved in that way.

The project manager of the thickened deashing system for TENT A, Mr. Predrag Lukić said that there were four reasons for improving the 2010 Project, and these were the increase in the capacity of three power units of TENT, the combination of disposal technologies for ash and gypsum as by-products of the future flue gases desulphurization system, the joint transport of boiler ash and slag, as well as the relocation of the ash and slag silos.

Otherwise, for this project to be implemented, it was necessary to obtain the approval of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection, but also the support of the German development bank (KfW).

The project is worth 56 million euros, of which the EPS has provided 10 million euros, and the rest has been provided with the help of a loan from the German development bank.

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