Serbia: TPP Nikola Tesla TENT A2 unit overhaul contractors Alstom-ViaOcel, SES and local suppliers, the report

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Thermal power plant Nikola Tesla A (TENT A) overhaul cycle included the unit A2 overhaul project which has significance for the system balance and generation of heat power for Obrenovac municipality. During the major overhaul of A2 biggest works will be conducted in turbine and boiler area of this unit.

After the overhaul of A3 unit in TPP Nikola Tesla A ,which was last year biggest modernization project within the power utility EPS Elektroprivreda Srbije TPPs, the overhaul of A2 unit started in july 2015 and will last approximately 110 days.

A2 unit is one of the oldest units in Obrenovac TENT TPPs with power of 210MW.

Works on turbine area is entrusted to local Serbian company Feromont engineering and supervision and technical advisory is contracted to Alstom Croatia which will also deliver the spare parts for the turbine. Alstom will also conduct the assessment of remaining working operation life cycle of the turbine considering the fact A2 unit realized more than 300.000h.

The assessment results, after inspection of equipment and estimation of its remaining operational life cycle will represent input data for technical decision on the overhaul works in the following major turbine overhaul which is normaly being conducted every five years.

Boiler super heaters and piping system works are contracted to SES Slovakia and local company Via Ocel. Other local companies included in works on boiler piping system are consortium companies LM Metalmont, MONT-R and BET. Coal burners overhail is entrusted to local company Termooprema and Gosa Montaza.

Completion of all overhaul works is expected beginning of October and final A2 unit connection to the grid expected end of October. Total value of this investment and overhaul project is approximately 9MEUR.

The unit A2 achieved a result in 2015 marking total 194 days on the grid. A2 was also one of the most reliable units in TENTA comparing with other units. Since its first commissioning in 1970 until 2015 A2 unit produced almost 50 billion kwh. , transmits

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