Serbia: TPP Stavalj and mine project to start

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Minister of Energy, said that the memorandum was prepared which, after the formation of the new government, will be signed with potential investors for building power plants Štavalj and the opening of the mine on Pester.

“We have prepared the start of negotiations and the signing of a memorandum concerning the construction of power plants and opening the accompanying Štavalj mine,” said Minister Mihajlovic.

As potential investors, for the project investors from Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and China are mentioned in the press.

“We’re not going to sign this week, although it was announced, in order not to be utilized because of electins in any other way,” said Mihajlovic and added that  the new government would do it.

She even mentioned the promise regarding  the implementation of the project is near completion. It is about the construction of thermal power plants with capacity of 300 megawatts, and mine Štavalj  with 200 million tons of proved reserves, the largest coal deposit in underground mining exploitation in Serbia.

The government in February formed a team to prepare a proposal for the project Štavalj, which provides the restructuring of the mine, said the government then. The team’s task is to assess opportunities and strategic partners to restructure coal Štavalj, for building power plants and transmission systems.

Source; Serbia Energy

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