Serbia: TPP TENT Nikola Tesla company power gen facilities ready for winter, overhauls completed

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Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla company (TENT), consisting of 4 lignite coal fired thermal power plant are the biggest Serbian electricity producer. TENT is prepared for winter mode of operations, all major projects of overhaul of power generation facilities are almost completed in line with planed activities framework.

I can say that the situation in TENT is normal, because we do just now two major overhauls in TENT A that we planned – Overhaul of unit A-1, which ends on October 23rd  and Overhaul of unit A-3, which will be completed before the new year. Once these repairs are completed, we will be able, in effect, to work at full power. For now, even without these two units, we fulfill our goal, even some units are in cold reserve, or work on the technical minimum. Since we do not receive requirements from the market, or the needs for an increase in consumption, at this point there is no reason that all capacities be used, said master Cedomir Ponocko, director of TENT, speaking on the operational readiness for the upcoming winter season. Responding to a reporter’s question about the coal supply, Ponocko explained:

– If the weather conditions be favorable to us, it is estimated that we could survive the winter with the available quantities. However, since the long-term forecasts are not very reliable, it is up to us to prepare as if the winter will be severe, that is way EPS starts the procurement of coal. Expert consideration will show what is cost-effective – whether to purchase coal or electricity. It should be borne in mind that our units use low-calorie lignite, which is hardly cost effective when purchasing from distant mines, since the transport is very expensive. Since we have not had similar experiences and that we do this for the first time, it remains to be seen whether we will succeed and whether it is possible to operate in this manner, said the director of the largest producer of Serbian electricity.