Serbia: TPP TENT restarts 305MW A3 unit after floods crisis

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The unit A3 of 305 megawatts has been put into the operation yesterday in the Thermal power plant “Nikola Tesla A” and connected at the energy system.

This is third unit in order put into operation after the forced units’ closure due tothe catastrophic floods in Obrenovac and its surroundings. Restoring “the third” on the network is an important technical requirement for also other commissioning of the unit A5 inthe same power plant, and then the regular annual overhaulof unit A3 begins in order to be ready for use during the winter season.

The unit A1 of 210 megawatts was put into operation at the weekend and yesterday also was connected the unit B1 of 600MW in TENT B, and after the operational stabilization ofthis unit, the unit B2 was switched, at which has begun theregular annual overhaul.

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