Serbia: TPP TENT tender for coal imports

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Company “Thermal power plants Nikola Tesla”, part of Serbian power utility company EPS, has announced the public call for the lignite procurement in the period from November 2014th until the end of March 2015th. This call was published immediately upon receiving permits and approvals from the Government of Serbia and other institutions.

The advantage of procurement of imported coal is safety in case of gas crisis in Ukraine, disturbances in the electricity market and the possibility that some states declare force majeure and therefore to suspense electricity supply that have been already contracted.

The plan is that SC TENT procures 150,000 tons in November this year, 310,000 tons in December and in January, while in February 2015th, this amount should be 280,000 tons and 250,000 tons in March. All amounts can be changed by 20 percent. The plan also envisages procurement of optional 500,000 tons, in January to 180,000 tons, in February to 150,000 tons and in March to 170,000 tons.

The tender has been published on the website SC TENT and PE EPS, and bids should be received by November 6th, 2014th.