Serbia: TPP vs Hydro power gen production, water level suppressed thermal capacities

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Blocks of Kostolac’s TPPs have been working during the first five months this year, on demand from EPS i.e. because of good hydrology situation in accumulations of Djerdap and Drina’s plants with decreased capacity.

However, 2.770.000 MWH of electricity was produced in TPP “Kostolac” by the end of May which is several percentages lower than planned- Zlatko Zakosek, Director of Management for Electricity Production stresses: Planned EPS’s production for the first 5 months in the following year with electricity EPS’s balance amounts 2.950.000 MWH. According to that, achieved production is at level of 94% planned production and there are several reasons for such fall. Before all, good hydrology actions in the former period influenced on decrease of production in thermal sector i.e. production in HPPs was significantly increased because of heavy rainfall and because of that thermal capacities have worked with decreased force. Because of hot weather during May holydays, the block was suppressed from the network for around 10 days. Next to it, there were certain technical problems that caused stoppages of the blocks.

Blocks of TPP “Kostolac A” have delivered 837.000MWH in total in Serbia’s energy system during the first 5 months. Block A1 has produced 269.000 MWH of this amount while block A2 has produced 568.000 MWH. Percentage of achieved production in these block amounts 98,5% at the moment. –Blocks of TPP “Kostolac A” were delivering heating energy for remote system of heating in Kostolac and surrounding municipalities, next to electricity. 190.000 MWH of heating energy was delivered for heating needs in the first four months which is usually 115% with reference to the planned delivery of heating energy for this period. It is also required to mention that there were no stoppages during the whole heating season thanks to technical condition of equipment in pump- changing station and to employees in Heating System Service- Zakosek said.

TPP “Kostolac B” has achieved electricity production of 1.933.000 MWH in the first three months and it amounts 92% of the plan. Block B1 has produced 957.000 MWH and Block B2 976.000 MWH. –Trial operation of Block B2 is in progress. There were several unplanned stoppages because of technical problems in newly installed equipment, in pipe system of the boiler and slag system before all and therefore electricity production is lower than planned one. We hope that this fall of production will be compensated with future confident work on forces higher than nominal. Considering that prolonged overhauls on the one of four aggregates are not being done this year, time engagement will be maximal. In accordance with this, balanced production of electricity for this year amounts 6,6 billion KWH and this production presents up level of Kostolac TPP’s technical possibilities. We expect that positive effect of done work in following overhauls will contribute the bigger confidence and time engagement of certain capacities and higher number of produced KWHs.

Source; TEKO/Serbia Energy