Serbia: TPPs Nikola Tesla overhaul projects 2015

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Plan of the power generation company Thermal Power Plants Nikola Tesla TPPNT for 2015 is the production of 19.034 billion kilowatt hours. All planned overhauls will be performed according to their dynamics, and at the same time with the regular current maintenance, the planned production will be carried out in other power units.

On the subject what TPPNT will face in this year on the electricity production plan, Mr. Nikolić says that the plan for TPPNT for 2015 is the production 19.034 billion kilowatt hours. During the preparation of this plan, it was taken into account that only the power units TPPNT A2 and TPP “Morava” had an extended overhaul for 120, i.e. 150 days.

– Such a high production plan is very challenging for TPPNT. It is necessary to fulfill several preconditions in order to achieve it. Firstly, those are high readiness and reliability of power units and plants. This is the condition that depends on us and knowing the plants and the people who operate and maintain them, I am sure that this condition, as always, will be fulfilled – says Mr. Nikolić. –the engagement of power units on nominal load comes after. This condition depends on the needs of the power system, and they depend on meteorological and hydrological conditions, especially in winter. Sufficient quantities of coal of agreed quality are an essential precondition, as well.

Nikolic says that the overhaul season in 2015 should start on March 1st by an overhaul on the power unit A4 of TPPNT. However, a new overhaul plan has been adopted due to the delay in the adoption of annual business plan and procurement plan.

– The first power unit in TPPNT on which the overhaul was carried out is B1 in TPPNT B, on March 20th. The overhaul was completed and the power unit is synchronized on April 24th. Next power unit, where the overhaul started on April 24th, also in TPPNT B is B2, after bringing the power unit B1 at a stable load – says our interlocutor.

– Overhaul of the power unit B2 will last 45 days and, in addition to regular overhaul works, the honeycomb on the rotary air preheater will be replaced. Also, great attention will be paid to the activities related to the sealing of the boiler in order to reduce the false air intake.

Overhauls in TPPNT started on May 1st by starting an overhaul of the power unit A4 which lasted for 30 days, and on June 1st will start the overhaul on the power units A1 and A6 and it will also last for 30 days each. These are standard overhaul procedures.

Mr. Nikolić says that the power unit A2 is in the capital overhaul this year in the duration of 110 days. Within this overhaul, the capital overhaul of turbo generator, boiler with the sealing improvement and the replacement of super-heater 4 will be performed, as well as the overhaul of other devices and systems. He points out that this power unit has been already operating for 300,000 hours and that the project of remained working life will also be completed. Power unit A5 will be in overhaul for 60 days. Extended overhaul is required due to the installation of new channels of tertiary air in order to reduce NO below 200 milligrams per cubic meter. The last power unit in TPPNT A for overhaul will be the power unit A3, and that is actually planned maintenance.

– Overhauls in TPP “Kolubara” are being performed as well, while in TPP “Morava”, this year, the capital overhaul of a turbo generator with the installation of a new medium-pressure turbine and the new regulator of the turbine is being performed. New bypass stations will be installed and overhaul of other parts of the plant will be carried out- said the Acting Director of TPPNT. – Electro filter replacement and the replacement of the part of evaporator on the boiler have been planned for the next year from the funds of the European Agency. After these operations, the power unit will have a completely different concept, an increased reliability and efficiency. This is the year in which we will have a lot of work on which all the employees of TPPNT will be engaged, as well as many local companies. All planned overhauls will proceed according to their own dynamics, and at the same time, with the regular current maintenance, the planned production of the other power units will be carried out.

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