Serbia: TPPs waste water treatment investment projects

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Power utility Elektroprivreda Srbije EPS coal fired TPPs Nikola Tesla, consisting of 4 TPPs TENT A-TENT B-TE Morava – TE Kolubara, and TPP Kostolac power plant have planed important waste water treatment investment projects.

For the Project of plant for waste water purification in TPPNT B for the power units B1, B2 and the future power unit B3 the investment technical documentation, Feasibility Study with Preliminary Design for construction of waste water purification plant in TPP “Nikola Tesla” B have been done by Energoprojekt-Hidroinženjering a.d. Tender documentation has also been done by the consultants of Exergia, Greece. The contract on supervising was concluded with the firm EPTISA, Spain/Beograd. The Contractor of the works is chosen, consortium KRALOVOPOLSKA RIA – Czech Republic and LAD Group, Serbia. The Contract on construction is concluded in amount of € 8,200,000


For the project of construction of a wastewater purification plant in TPPNT A, which includes the construction of plants for waste water discharged from facilities of TPPNT A and wastewater treatment that will be dropped from the future plant for EDC the investment-technical documentation was done: Feasibility Study with Preliminary design of construction of the plant of wastewater treatment TPPNT A by Energoprojekt -Hidroinženjering a.d.

Tender documents were made by the consultant-consortium Interkontakt-Energo, Zemun and Exergia, Greece. It is concluded also a contract of supervising with COWI. It was elected the Contractor, Consortium ESOTECH d.d Slovenia and Jedinstvo a.d., Uzice, Serbia. The Contract was concluded for the construction in amount of € 5.994.340.

Kostolac B

The preparation for the construction of plants for wastewater treatment in TPPKO B is in course. It will be the first project that will be governed by a decentralized management process. Project management will be taken by the responsible persons from the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Mining and Energy.

The investment-technical documentation was made: Feasibility study with the Preliminary design of construction of wastewater treatment plant TPP Kostolac B, for power units B1, B2 and future power units B3 of 350 MW – Energoprojekt-Hidroinženjering a.d. Tender documentation was made by the consultant Exergia, Greece in 2014. In final stage is the preparation of tender documentation for choice of an Engineer and tender of construction works for the wastewater purification plant in PTTKO B.

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