Serbia: Transmission line in eastern Serbia rehabilitated

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Commissioning of the rehabilitated 35 kV transmission line in eastern Serbia marked the end of several months of works on the project for the reconstruction of this line, which stretches from the 35/0.4 kV substation Blagojev Kamen to 110/35 kV substation Majdanpek 2.

The rehabilitated transmission line was originally built in 1957 on wooden poles and represents a power supply reserve between the area of Pozarevac (Kragujevac distribution area) and the area of Majdanpek (Nis distribution area). The rehabilitation works, worth some 480,000 euros, were performed by a local company.

The route of this transmission line passes through very difficult and inaccessible terrain, and in December 2014, the line was out of operation due to harsh weather conditions, along with other 110 kV and 400 kV transmission lines, which left large number of consumers in Eastern Serbia without electricity and it was decided that the line should be rehabilitated. The rehabilitation included the replacement of the wooden poles with metal ones, as well as some 17 kilometers of cables.

The activities on the preparation of the project began in 2015, the agreement with the selected contractor was signed in March 2016 and the works have been completed in late 2016.

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