Serbia: Turkish Teknotes new TPP in Despotovac to revive old coal mine and generate electricity for Serbian power market

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TPP “Teknotes” in village Plazane will bring to Despotovac municipality annual income of 3 million EUR from sale of electricity explained the municipality in their press release.

Talking about planned construction, President of Despotovac Municipality, Dejan Nenadovic, reminded that total value of investment is 700 million dollars.

-TPP will be constructed in Plazane where coal mine used to be before- Nenadovic said on official meeting of Municipal Parliament where Minister of Health Slavica Djukic Dejanovic and National Secretary from Ministry of Energy, Dejan Popovic, participated.

-In order to do high quality supply to this plant which annually needs 1.250.000 tons of coal, opening of underground pit in Kosa Zabela and surface coal pit in Cerje near village Vitance- Nenadovic said.

He explained that pre-contract had already been signed with Turkish company “Teknotes” so 3% of total income will belong to Despotovac. If we consider that planned production of around million KWH yearly what amounts around 100 million EUR, planned income of Despotovac will be 3 million EUR.

-If we presuppose that budget for Despotovac is around 6 million EUR, then TPP will achieve one more half of the budget- Nenadovic said.

Employment of around 400 workers is planned in the plant and 200 more in the scope of coal pits.

Source;Serbia Energy/Despotovac municipality