Serbia, Two wind farms to be built near Vranje

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The city of Vranje in southern Serbia has put the Detailed Regulation Plan for the construction of two wind farms – Grot and Oblik up for the public debate.

The city’s plan envisages the construction of wind projects of up to 100 MW on an area of 486.7 hectares on the hills surrounding the city.

The investor in the project is local company Windflow West, which is a joint venture of US SunFlow Holding (70 %) and the Turkish Vulcanus Enerji Yatirim Anonim Sirketi (30 %). The project company was established in May last year.

Initial plan is to install a total of 10 wind turbines, each with the power output of 6 MW.

The company will apply for the connection to EPS’ electricity distribution network following the completion of the public debate.