Serbia: US CWS invests 450 million in wind farms of 300 MW

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The Company Continental Wind Serbia (CWS) is planning to invest 450 million euros in wind farms in Serbia with capacity of 300 megawatts (MW) will  be able to meet the electricity needs of more than 30,000 households.

In the first phase of investment CWS plans to build 57 windmills, each with a production output of 2.5 MW, CWS Serbia director Ana Brnabic said after signing the Donation Agreement of one million euros with the mayor of the Municipality Alibunar, Djurica Gligorijev.

The donation of one million euros is intended for the reconstruction of part of the municipal and construction of part of rural roads which are necessary for the construction of a wind farm “Cibuk 1” – one of the largest investments in Serbia, whose construction is expected next year.

By this agreement, which previously had been adopted from Assembly members of Alibunar municipality, it was agreed that the company CWS would fix up some sections municipal road route Vladimirovac –Devojacki bunar, and would build rural road  for the access to the wind farm “Cibuk 1”. These works will allow to their citizens and tourists to reach easier Deliblatska pescara and for the residents of neighboring  several villages will be facilitated the passage of agricultural mechanization in order to use as agricultural land effectively.

All works on the preparation of project documentation, obtaining permits and reconstruction are  fully funded by CWS, the company released.

In 2013, CWS supported programs of support to the social initiatives in local communities Mramorak, Dolovo and Vladimirovac in amount of 10,000 euros, and in 2014, the company will  support projects in these three villages with 25,000 euros.

The company CWS operates in Serbia since 2009. In Municipality in Kovin has started  construction of the wind farm “Cibuk 1” worth over 300 million euros, the project is the one of the most important in the field of renewable energy, said in a company statement of CWS.

Source; Serbia Energy