Serbia: Vattenfall mining efficiency increase project in TPP Kostolac

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Representatives of the German company “Vattenfall” presented in the Public Company “TE-KO Kostolac” final report on the implementation of the contract involving the technical, management and consultancy services and transfer of operational experience in the application to increase performance and improve efficiency in the mining and fuel supply in the Kostolac company, by using the experience of bidders, which was attended by representatives of the Directorate for production and investment of EPS.

The goal of the project, which is conducted for two years now in PC “TE – KO Kostolac”, is to improve the efficiency of mining and reducing the cost of coal with measurable effects. Among other things, the implementation of the project represents a concrete contribution to the achievement of cost-effective energy supply at the level of the entire EPS, and preparation for the EU accession process with the intent to mine “Drmno” become a leading lignite mine in Serbia and the Balkans.

This very large complex and important project for the mining sector PC “TE-KO Kostolac” was implemented in three phases, and firstly comparison with the work of the company Vattenfall is performed, in order to acquire and implement new knowledge and bring best practices to mine “Drmno “. -This project lasts for two years. In its implementation more than 20 experts of the German company of all professions are involved.

The project actually ends, but we still have the tasks that should be implemented on the basis of this project. By action plans we will set goals that are measurable and that we can monitor and analyze. In this year of implementation, significant improvements were recorded, that shows us that we will resist the challenges of moving from quantitative to qualitative growth, said Goran Horvat, Director of Directorate for coal, the head of this project, at the beginning of today’s meeting.

Presenting the project, Peter Lauks, deputy project manager and team leader for the production of “Vattenfall”, pointed out that the scope of services was very large and complex. It started from a comparative analysis of the work of the mines in Germany and Drmno, and then proceed with the analysis of process for a sustainable increase in performance, improving efficiency, improving valuation of investments and organizational structure.

During the two years of work, the consultants stayed 34 times in the mine “Drmno” five workshops in the company “Vattenfall” were organized and German experts have worked a total of 867 days in Serbia. Based on everything they recommended measures and action plan relating to the measures that should contribute to mine “Drmno” to achieve desired goals and achieve sustainable qualitative growth in the future.

Project Coordinator, Danko Beatovic presented the concrete results achieved this year, which are the result of the implementation of the approved action plan. The capacitive and time usage of large mining systems is increased. Surface drainage works much better, the total number of stoppages of mining machinery has been reduced, and the number of workplace injuries is significantly reduced.

Ulrich Hena, the project manager from the “Vattenfall”, thanked for your cooperation and expressed optimism that there are technical and human resources that will be able to implement positive experiences of Vattenfal on mine “Drmno” and that in the future mine “Drmno” will be one of the most organized in the wider area of Southeastern Europe.

Source; Serbia Energy / EPS

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