Serbia: Voith hydro gets 63MEUR HPP Zvornik modernization contract

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At the end of august in Belgrade a contract was signed, worth 63.7 million euros, for the revitalization of hydro power plant “Zvornik”. The contract was signed by Aleksandar Obradovic, Acting General Director of EPS, Mijodrag Čitaković, director of “The Drina hydro-Lim,” and Leopold Heninger, Chairman of the Board of Directors of “Voith Hydro,”

After revitalization, the power HPP “Zvornik” will increase by 30% from the current 96 megawatts. The power of each of the four units will be increased by 8.4 MW, from 24 to 32.4 megawatts. After the completion of modernization, hydro power plant will get new 33.6 megawatts, electricity production will be increased by 70 million kilowatt-hours per year and will reach 550 million kilowatt-hours, and working life of HPP “Zvornik” will be extended for an additional 30 years.

Mijodrag Čitaković, director of  “Drina – Lim” hydro power plants, recalled that this was the fourth revitalization of this commercial company in the last 10 years, and that besides increasing strength and production, the modernization of HPP “Zvornik” will impact also on reduction of maintenance costs of this power plant.

HPP “Zvornik” is one of the oldest hydropower plants and works from 1955.

Source; Serbia Energy/EPS

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