Serbia: We cant control South Stream issues, says Vucic Serbian PM

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Serbia will protect their interests, although we are not the most important link and we cannot decide on the most important issues regarding the “South Stream” project, says Aleksandar Vucic future PM of Gov of Serbia.

The “South Stream” is important not only for Russia but also for Europe and I hope that the reason would prevail and that all will understand that all have to work together and that we should “let go of passion and tension”, said Vucic while commenting on media reports that the EU is close to a decision to freeze the plan of completion of construction of the pipeline.

“Serbia will protect its interests, and Serbia believes that the “South Stream” in its interest. However, we certainly are not the biggest player and we can not decide about the biggest and most important issues,” Vucic told to reporters.

The “South Stream” is important for Europe because, “supplying Europe with gas within a year or two from U.S. shale or otherwise are the fairytale stories”, Vucic said.
Any further negative development  in Ukraine is bad for the people of Russia and Ukraine, and it is quite certain that it is not good for Serbia, too, Vucic added.

Source; Serbia Energy

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