Serbia: Wind farm Krivaca project – updated Environmental Impact Study

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Wind farm Krivaca in eastern Serbia will cover the area of 242 hectares within three municipalities: Golubac, Kucevo and Veliko Gradiste, according to the updated Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study for the project.

However, the initial project was changed and instead of 38 wind turbines, the future wind farm will consist of 22. The reason for the reduction of the number of wind turbines is to not exceed the total allowed installed capacity of wind plant of 103.32 MW.

The updated study states that the wind turbines will have greater installed capacity, higher poles and the blades will be larger in diameter compared to the original wind turbines design. The wind turbines will have maximum power output up to 5,8 MW, equipped with a three-blade rotor up to 255 meters maximum in diameter and the total maximum height of the turbines will be up to 205 meters.

In 2016, local company Ivicom Energy, a subsidiary of Austrian Ivicom Energy GmbH, announced that it will invest in the construction of Krivaca wind farm near Golubac in eastern Serbia. According to initial plans, the wind farm was to be put in operation by the end of 2017.