Serbia: Wind potential exist but investors are not that efficient

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The electricity from wind parks is still not produced in our country, although we have undertaken obligations towards the EU. Investors first announce projects, and only later estimate profitability.

Wind park turbines are still not running in Serbia. The first wind park, which was opened in November last year, has not started operating even after four months! Other projects are pending, so the mapped out capacity of 500 megawatts of energy from wind parks by 2020 is – mission impossible.

Although it has been speculated for years that the wind energy will be used by foreign investors, who will bring as much as one billion euros of investments to Serbia in this way, the first wind turbine has been built by the local businessman Miodrag Kostić. However, the connection of this plant to the electric supply system is yet expected.

– Production has not started yet – it is said in “MK Fintel Wind”. – The wind power plant “Kula“ is expected to be put into trial operation in the following days. We do not expect the renewable energy resources fee, charged through electricity bills, to be increased because of this in the context of the connection of the wind park to the EPS’ supply system.

Kostić has made a joint venture with the Italians and created “MK Fintel Wind”, which has invested 15 million euros in Kula. The first wind park in Serbia, built near Kula, with the installed capacity of 9.9 megawatts, should annually produce 27 million kilowatt-hours of green energy, which is enough to satisfy the needs of almost 8.000 households.

The project in Kostolac is in the profitability and ground examination phase, and one of the leading energy companies is interested in it. The wind park should have the capacity of 50 megawatts. The wind turbines in the municipality of Plandište, which are made by the “Oil Industry of Serbia”, and in which 160 million euros should be invested, are also pending.

According to Slobodan Ružić from the “Energy Saving Group”, after the wind park has been finished, the technical tests will take around one month, which depends on the distribution system operator, in this case EPS (Electric Power Industry of Serbia) and EMS (Power Grids of Serbia), so the plant should already be “on the grid“. The trial operation, announced in Kole’s company, will last for several months, but during this time, the wind park should be supplying energy for the distribution.

– The projected figure of 500 megawatts in four years is practically impossible – Ružić explains. – All other projects are announced pompously, but actually, they are only in the performance assessment phase. The potential investors first tell the media that a wind park is to be built, and only then do they go to the field to see if the job is profitable for them after all.

In recent months, the wind park in Zaječar is the closest to being constructed. For this project, the preliminary construction agreement worth 100 million euros was signed last week.

Serbia has undertaken the obligation towards the European Energy Community to connect 500 megawatts of energy from wind turbines to the power system by 2020. For now, the relation between the figures and time is not going our way because we are currently producing –zero megawatts.

The calculation shows that this quantity of kilowatts would be sufficient for Serbia not to be forced to import electricity during shortage periods, transmits

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