Serbia: Windvision to start construction on its wind parks in 2014

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Representatives of Belgian Company for Production of Renewable Energy Sources “Wind Vision” visited Alibunar municipality last week in order to exchange ideas for improvement of partnership for realization of the Alibunar 1 and Alibunar 2 project of wind park construction.

The beginning of construction is planned to be during the following year so the location license issuance and the realization of the 1st phase project development are in progress.

One of the “WindVision” company owners and Director of Development Johan Vas and Municipal President of Alibunar Dusan Jovanovic participated the meeting where construction of wind parks is discussed to consider professional assistance, engagement of foreign and domestic construction companies, especially the construction of infrastructure and Atar’s roads.

Johan Vas emphasized that he will be in Alibunar and follow project realization every three months and that the first step is location license still.

Next to green energy, they talked also about possibilities of solar energy use and they suggested that Belgians can donate something related to the increase of energy efficiency for three school buildings in the center of Alibunar and that means to set solar collectors on their roofs and permanently solve the question of their heating that way.

Source;Serbia Energy