Serbia: World Bank approves the environment action plan for 30MEUR credit for water pumping of EPS Kolubara mines

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World bank approved last week the Environment action plan for water pumping from Tamnava West field of Kolubara mines company. Plan was prepared by experts of Power utility company EPS which manages the Kolubara mines company.

These approval comes as final step for start of negotiation for the 30MEUR loan which will be used for water pumping from Kolubara Tamnava open pit which was flooded during the may disaster floods. Talks for the loan, according to the EPS, are ongoing without any issues with World bank and loan is expected to be approved on 3.10.2014.

The selection process for the was completed fully in accordance with the Serbian procurement law as there was no clear possibility that it is possible to expect a World bank loan at the time of the tender publication.

After the World bank expressed the possibility to finance the project, the environment action plan had to be agreed with the form prescribed by World Bank which was done.

Environment action plan prescribes the water pumping process which will not endanger the environment, quality of the water from Tamnava field cant be worse than the water category in the river. The quantity of the water pumping will be adjusted to the level not to endanger the normal capacity of Kolubara river lower stream from the pits. Plan also prescribes that the mud from the bottom of the coal pit is to be disposed in nonhazardous manner.

Water pumping from Tamnava west field coal open pit will start mid of September after public discussion on Environment action plan and after managing all questions which may be raised on the discussion.

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