Serbia: Zvornik HPP Revitalisation

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Hydroelectric power plant Zvornik Unit A2 assembly works are in the final phase. The so-called run-out test of the unit has been successfully completed, involving turbine and generator alignment verification after the turbine and generator shafts have been connected. According to Gojko Bajic, Zvornik HPP Revitalisation Project manager, this can be a critical moment during assembly and can cause additional work and delays of two to three months.

In early November, pre-commissioning tests should be started – the so-called dry (water-free) testing, while commissioning tests were planned for late November – the so-called main water tests, during which the unit will be online. Furthermore, complete vibration tests of the unit will also be carried out as part of this test. Once these tests have been finalised, Unit A2 will enter trial run for a month. According to the time schedule, Unit A2 trial run completion and takeover are expected in mid-January 2018.

Factory testing of the main electromechanical equipment and its delivery to the construction site for Unit A3 are underway. Unit A3 works will begin after successful completion of the Unit A2 trial run. Project funds spent so far amount to 50 percent of the contract value, which is 63 million euros.

The share of domestic companies in the Zvornik HPP Revitalisation Project should also be emphasised. The main contractor Voith Hydro engaged a large number of companies from Serbia on the dismantling of the existing equipment, installation of new equipment, construction works, as well as the delivery and installation of cooling water systems and power plant control systems. This includes Elnos BL, Elektroremont, Gosa Montaza, Mihajlo Pupin Institute, Dijamant Belgrade, Jadran Beograd and others.