Serbia:Electrawinds one step closer to building wind parks in

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Belgium investor ‘Electrawinds’ has made improvement in preparation of construction of the wind park in Alibunar municipality, with capacity of 48,3 MW and by installing 25 turbines, which is supported by the signing the Contract on the realization of the rights and obligations of the reconstruction of country roads.

As stated on the official website of the municipality, the agreement with representatives of the Belgian company was signed on Thursday (September 26, 2013.). The aim is to provide access to the site where wind farms “Malibunar” and “Alibunar” will be built. Cosigners were Municipality President, Dusan Jovanovic, Director of the Directorate for Construction and Development of Alibunar, Vladimir Petrovic and Director of the company ‘Electrawinds’ for Serbia, Kurt Derieuw, who pointed out that this is a new step towards the realization of wind farms project and a confirmation of good cooperation with the local government .

Deriew also said that they have already received building permit for ‘Malibunar’ project, and the second project is still in the process of application, which gives better chances of finalizing the projects by 2014.

Dusan Jovanovic, President of Municipality, said that signing of the contract was very significant for the farmers whose lots were along the earth roads, as their construction would be financed by ‘Electrawinds’, so the farmers will benefit from that, as they will be able to arrive to their property safely and the lots will gradually gain higher value. The Municipality will benefit as well, as it would not need to finance their maintenance from the local budget.

Source; Serbia Energy

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