Serbia:Energy Community criticizes Serbian energy minister, gas market influenced by Russia factor

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European Energy Community Secretariat evaluated that Serbia failed to fulfill its obligations from this community regulation about the ownership unbundling at the natural gas market.

European Energy Community Secretariat said that they submitted a “Reasoned Opinion” in the case ECS-9/13 against Serbiaon Monday, which was a warning that upcoming legal steps would follow due to European lawviolations, and because of the failure of Serbia to accomplish its obligations under the Energy Community Treaty.

In the opinion of the Secretariat stated that Serbia had a deadline of two months to correct the omissions.

The Secretariat assessed that the only two licensed companies in Serbia for the gas transport – the state owned  Srbijagas and Jugorosgas which is 50 percent owned by Gazprom, were not carried out their obligation to separate the gas production and transport, as it was required by EU energy rules.

The Secretariat assessed that two companies unbundlingfor gas transport was the primary impediment to the development of a competitive gas market in Serbia, and warned that this case “couldinstruct the EC Council of Ministers to decide whether Serbia comply with the regulations of the Energy Community”,said in the statement.

Source; Serbia Energy

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