Serbia:Energy minister Mihajlovic claims Serbia could export electricity in 2030

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Minister of Energy, Development and the Environment Protection, Zorana Mihajlovic said that new 2030 energy development strategy should allow Serbia to become an energy exporter.

“I sincerely hope that Serbia will be proud in 2030. of the fact that exports, for example electricity,” said Mihajlovic while presenting the Draft Energy Development Strategy  by 2025, with projections until 2030.

She pointed out that the strategic directions for taking advantage of the electricity production potential, the gas and oil shale use were outlined by the document in order to satisfy the Serbian market needs, and then to discuss about the new buildings, which would produce electricity for export.

“It is not impossible because once Serbia used to export electricity. Many things happened in wrong way, and now we have a situation that households consume energy at most, instead of the industry”, said Mihajlovic.

The Minister of Energy said that the strategy also predicted change of the final energy structure consumption.

“It means – we construct buildings, increase energy efficiency and thus we enable that the state which goes into re-industrialization, because it is the goal of Serbia, waste energy in the economy and the industry, and not in the households”, said Mihajlovic.

She said that usually there was not much faith in the strategies variety, adding that it could be said that near 10 percent of the plan was realized from the previous strategy of Serbian energetics.

“This is a serious problem for Serbia, because the construction of power generation capacities and new infrastructure buildings was anticipated also by the previous strategy and nothing happened”, she said.

Mihajlovic said that was the reason why she advocated the new strategy to be transformed into an action plan as soon as possible, which must be detailed, with timelines and to bind the Government.

“The action plan must last no matter which government or who minister is. Action Plan should be obligatory for everyone and in detail. It has to be defined temporally when we should expect certain objects on the network. It must not happen ever again the situation that we had plans that Kolubara B be online in 2007. And that we do not have that power plant in 2013. “, she said.

Mihajlovic also said that the public debate on energy development strategy was ongoing and that should be set in front of the parliament members during the autumn, and then within a month or two months at most, an action plan should be set in front of the Government and the Parliament of Serbia.

Mihajlovic said that they did not consider the possibility of building a nuclear power plant. “The attitude of the Government and the Ministry is that Serbia has enough hydropower, coal and renewable sources that there is no need, nor so huge energy consummation for the nuclear power plant construction in the future”, she said.

Source; Serbia Energy/MERZ

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