Serbia:EPS marks positive electricity production results for 1/2Q 2013 with 67MEUR electricity exports

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There is no reason for concern or emergency, because EPS notes record production of electricity. The plan: until the end of the year the production of about 37 billion kilowatt-hours. Regardless of the current drought and the large number of dry days, all facilities of “Serbian Electric Power Industry – EPS” are ready for the upcoming winter season and do not expect any kind of emergency need to import electricity stated EPS CEO Aleksandar Obradovic.

As stated in EPS for Serbia Energy, Serbia for the first six months of this year produced about 19 billion kilowatt-hours, and for this period achieved record production. In the next four months they expect the production of up to 37 billion kilowatt-hours, by which the system of “Serbian Electric Power Industry” will meet the needs of all customers in Serbia.

– In relation to the plan, a six-month electricity production was increased by 0.8 percent compared to the same period last year by 6.4 percent – say in the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”. – There were no problems in the plant EPS at any time.

The total production of electricity compared to the plan was increased by 154 million kilowatt hours, and in the first half of 2013 it was produced for 1,137 billion kilowatt-hours more than the previous year.

Since the beginning of the year, the hydropower plant “Djerdap 1” produced four billion kilowatt-hours, which accounts for 75 percent of the annual production plan for the year 2013. This is a significant success production of energy experts of “Djerdap”, even though production was achieved at the level of the so-called dynamic plan for eight months.

This year’s production is increased by 18 percent, or 570 million kilowatt-hours compared to the same period last year. This manufacturing success is by dispatcher service explained as rational utilization of hydropower potential of the Danube.

– There has been an average flow of up to 7,300 cubic meters of water per second. This is one of the largest high average flows of the river, and is also ideal flow for the production of both hydropower plants of Danube – says Nebojsa Paunovic, hydrologist HE “Djerdap”.

Unfortunately, this is the average, because the Danube recorded this year maximum and minimum flow rates. Last spring due to high water flows, precisely larger than 10,000 cubic meters per second, HPP “Djerdap” had to reduce its production capacity. And this summer extremely low flows were recorded, even less than 2,500 cubic meters per second.


In the January-June period this year, “EPS” sold on the open market 1.66 billion kilowatt-hours. It is a value of 67.3 million euros, or 33.4 percent more than the estimated plan. An estimated value of sold energy by the end of 2013 will exceed even 100 million.


Source; Serbia Energy